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Mobility and portability are essential elements in the development of all future businesses and products. While creating original content for every major computing and mobile platform – including iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Mobile, Mac and PC - Glass Puppy is striving to meet today’s evolving needs.
The Glass Puppy team has decades’ worth of combined experience, and consists of experts in such varied fields as programming, graphic design, animation, script writing, music composition, sound effects, video production and mobile applications.
Glass Puppy .com Magic Keyhole World
Unlock the book of learning with the new Magic Keyhole series of educational apps. “Magic Keyhole – WORLD”, the first in our interactive software series, introduces children to a variety of different people, places and objects from 10 unique environments across the globe.
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Glass Puppy .com Bloomdots
The excitement of Missile Command®. The elegant simplicity of Breakout®. Combine the best elements from two of the most beloved video games of the classic Arcade Era, add a 21st century twist, and you’ve got BLOOMDOTS, the thrilling new action game!
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Educational Software Development: This is a field where we’ve recently put a major focus. We consider children’s interactive and educational software to be an essential part of the future of early childhood learning. To this end, each application features original content with a special focus on beautifully colored graphics, superbly produced audio, a high degree of interactivity, and captivating narrative elements. These elements allow for the creation of applications that truly enhance the learning experience, thus helping children retain all that new information.
Gaming Software Development: Games created by gamers, for gamers. They feature immersive, interactive environments that keep you coming back for more. From lush, vivid soundscapes and beautifully composed custom music, to eye-popping graphics, fluid animations, intuitive gameplay, and ease of controls. Whether it’s puzzle games, side-scrollers, first-person shooters or virtual pets, our games are designed with the gamer in mind.
Application Software Development: Our applications development department is placing an intense focus on the tools/utility side of mobile computing, creating applications dealing with financial management, social networking, communications, information transfer/conversions, and individualized custom search optimization, to name only a few.
Innovation and New Technologies Development: The only way to thrive in today’s electronic marketplace is by combining a cutting edge understanding of the latest technological innovations with a keen grasp of trends in the consumer marketplace. That’s why we strive to bring together people and products via every available platform.
Electronic Books Development: E-Books have established themselves as a legitimate resource for education, research and entertainment. In terms of digital media publishing, we are currently developing a range of original projects that will be of great interest to a number of distinct audiences.
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